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Microphone enhancer software

There are a variety of Windows 10 apps you can use to improve your audio and in this article we want to highlight some of the best. We will be taking a look at some of the best equalizers, some of the best software for virtual surround sound, and some alternatives to the default Windows 10 mixer. Also, be sure to check out our companion article on the best ways to improve display quality in Windows With an equalizer, you can change the sound profile of your audio.

Equalizers are often used for music or listening to movies to help boost bass or limit other aspects. With these equalizer apps, you can choose presets suitable for certain music genres or create your own custom equalizer preset. FxSound Enhancer claims on their website that they can boost the sound quality of your music. Essentially, when you switch on FxSound Enhancer, it will add an automatic EQ preset to your audio that will, in most cases, improve your listening experience if you are using cheaper audio equipment.

The EQ presets are plentiful, which is great for when you want to get the best experience for listening to a certain genre of music. You can also create your own presets. If you listen to music on YouTube or live streaming platforms with compression, this makes a big difference. The two combined give you a powerful audio control software alongside a feature packed interface.

With the Peace Interface, you are given extreme control over creating your own presets. There are also some excellent presets already for you to choose from. With surround sound software, you can turn your normal stereo headphones into a whole new experience. Razer Surround is a 7. So, the experience in video games is expectedly very good.

Both games have excellent sound engineering, but the 7. In games where surround sound is useful for pinpointing other player movement, Razer Surround does great, too. In my opinion, Razer Surround is absolutely the best option for gamers. Ultimately, the surround sound is decent, but it seems to depend heavily on the headphones you have.

If you have a good pair of headphones, specifically open backed headphones, the surround sound from Dolby Atmos can work surprisingly well. Obviously, if you have a surround sound speaker setup, Dolby Atmos is undoubtedly the best option. Dolby Atmos is top of the game when it comes to real surround sound.

Ultimately, Dolby Atmos is a useful application, especially if you have a real surround sound setup. If you use headphones, it is a bit of a gamble when it comes to whether it makes a difference or not, depending on what you are using it for. Windows 10 already has virtual surround sound and chances are you may never have known. Microsoft quietly added Windows Sonic for Headphones in the Creators Update and stuffed it into the taskbar.

You will then have the option to choose Windows Sonic for Headphones. In fact, it was hard for me to distinguish the difference. If you are looking for virtual surround sound for free, Windows own offering may be the best available. For a real surround sound speaker system, though, Atmos may be better.

You can also use the two suggestions below to manage the audio of two devices at once, and choose which apps use which audio device. EarTrumpet has been regarded as one of the top audio control apps on Windows Instead of adding a bulky new interface to make your way through, EarTrumpet essentially expands on the existing Windows 10 audio mixer UI.

With EarTrumpet, you can control the individual volume of each open program, and you can quickly switch playback devices. You are also able to set up default audio devices for specific programs. What I like most about EarTrumpet is that it integrates nicely into Windows 10 — it looks more like an official update to the audio mixer than a standalone app. You can find it in the Microsoft Store.Equalization has never been more natural. Now we can do it just sitting in front of our PC. Before, we had to use heavy instruments to modify the audio according to our taste.

And that was difficult and pretty time-consuming. You can use the equalizers to add features like Equalizer, Environment, Base Management, Surround and much more. Though there are lots of equalizers available online few can give the output we want.

Check them out first and choose what you like best! Realtek HD Audio Manager is the first one on the list. You will get different options to change sound settings in Speakers, Microphone, Stereo Mix, and Line-in.

It has ten band equalization setting. And you will be able to customize it without any fuss at all. The Equalizer: This one has a band range of 31dB to 16k dB. You will be able to customize your effects and save it for future use. It will help you track the pitch of the song. If you want to reset all back to default, just click on reset. Environment: This one has so many environmental options for you to try out. Such as living room, Sewer Pipe, Forest, Underwater, and much more.

The effects are excellent and feel like a natural one. If you select Underwater, for example, you will hear the sound as it would be precisely underwater. FX Audio Enhancer has some quality features for you. It will improve the sound quality of your computer to a great extent. The tool will let you have a more productive and more precise experience no matter where you visit.We use cookies to enhance your experience.

By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. More info. For veteran content creators the amount of work to prepare perfect audio quality commentaries might be so difficult, that preparing an actual environment in which they can record perfect sound might take weeks.

Purchasing an expensive microphone often ends up in huge disappointment, and even though it is a necessary step, it is hardly any work when it comes to making commentaries. This tip is, of course, obvious, but almost every new aspiring content creator does not abide by this rule. As a result, their videos are full of background noises. Thus, it is important to close the door and seal is as best as possible. Also, keep your windows closed to limit outside noise such as cars, talking people, wind etc.

Keeping your microphone away from you will result in a horrible quality of sound, of course, unless your room is re-made into the small recording studio that holds sound completely inside. On the other hand, if you keep your microphone too close, your audio recording will contain sounds such as breathing and other sounds that are made with lips. Watch out to not do this as well. Alternatively, you may want to purchase a filter to mute those unwanted breathing sounds.

If you do record and want to achieve the best possible sounds, make sure you close all your windows, and turn off all the fans you may have. There are a couple of ideas. Your aim is to stop the wind from reaching your microphone. But just how uncomfortable it is to hold my hand on my microphone for the entire time?

With a similar piece of equipment, you can cover your microphone and make sure that no wind is going to reach your microphone. Recording sound using built-in solutions on your phone or on your PC is usually a bad idea.

The quality is low even with great microphones and usually, there are little to no features at all. If you want to record sound in great quality, we suggest using Mirillis Action!.

It has a lot of features and also allows you to record video of your screen or webcam as well. Sometimes after recording you realize that something is still wrong with your audio.

Cutting redundant sections of your recording is possible with simple and completely free audio editing software Audacity. Once you have everything set up, remember about testing things out before you do an actual recording. Perhaps you have forgotten to do something important that will, later on, show in the recording and you might end up regretting it a low. Your email address will not be published.Laptop speakers and cheap headphones suck.

FxSound boosts quality, volume and bass to change that. FxSound software automatically corrects the limitations of your audio devices. Learn More.

Download FxSound for Windows

Our software makes it easy. Double the volume and bass of laptop speakers or cheap headphones without distortion. We add depth and body to the audio of your favorite TV shows, movies, podcasts, video games and more. FxSound provides clarity to audio recordings for precise transcribing without having to constantly rewind. Follow us on Facebook and leave your thoughts. What this means for you is clearer, louder, deeper, and more balanced audio.

One Software to Improve Any Microphone

Install our lightweight program, let it run unobtrusively in the background, and enjoy your new, customizable high-quality audio experience. FxSound is built with all manner of audio hardware in mind, from budget to audiophile. Higher quality gear may not need as much compensation, but just like our ears, no two headphones are made exactly alike.

FxSound is built to provide a dynamic, yet controlled increase in volume. By preventing harmful peaking, a less fatiguing listening experience is achieved. Coupling this with an actively equalized boost means a wider volume range without as much distortion. FxSound understands that bass stands apart from other aspects of sound and needs specialized attention.

microphone enhancer software

Use the included equalizer and the targeted Bass parameter to get more punch, clarity, and depth in the low end of your audio. When performing transcription services, your time is valuable. The Fidelity and Dynamic Boost controls bring voices to the forefront and increase their clarity, while the EQ and Bass controls are used to cut out background noise.

FxSound brings an approachable interface to professional sound processing. At higher volumes, unprocessed sound can be fatiguing. Without proper equalization, audio can be hard to understand and lacking intended depth or emotion. Let FxSound make it easy to get the most from your sound. Get high quality audio without spending a fortune. FxSound boosts your audio for music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, interviews and more.

Forget setting up complex audio systems. Download FxSound for instant hifi audio. Try fxsound for Free.

microphone enhancer software

Boost sound quality FxSound software automatically corrects the limitations of your audio devices. Start your 7-day trial. Try it Free. Boost volume and bass by 2x Double the volume and bass of laptop speakers or cheap headphones without distortion. Hi-fi audio for TV, movies and more We add depth and body to the audio of your favorite TV shows, movies, podcasts, video games and more.When it comes to sound quality, no one likes to compromise.

Who would want to settle for less, when you can get the best out of your system. Hence, we can use audio enhancing tools to improve audio quality to brings good listening experience. With the help of these softwares, you can remove undesirable audio frequency components like ambient noise from your own pre-recorded audio. A couple of optimizer softwares let you perform audio enhancement in real-time, while others allow editing of downloaded audio filesand saving enhanced files in your PC.

Finding a best audio enhancer for windows 10 is a easy job if you follow the below article. Moreover, you can change bass and treble, amplify audio level, remove distortion, and add normalization effects to audio files.

DeskFX Audio Enhancer Software

The other audio effects include phaser, flanger, vibrato, tremolo, Doppler, chorus, etc. Options like equalizer, normalizer, bass, tempo adjustment, pitch shift, etc. Wavosaur is a free audio editing software that can work as an audio enhancing tool.

It provides various options that c enhance audio quality. The software comes with some filters to eliminate undesired and noisy frequency components from audio files that do their work effectively. It is consider as one of best audio enhancer for windows The options include convert to mono or stereo, channel processing, pitch shift, fade in and fade out, etc. Additionally, you get features like resampler, bit depth converter, DC remover, normalizer, vocal remover, volume booster, etc.

These options help you improve your audio quality by a significant level. Visit : Wavosaur. Audacity is also a free audio enhancing software. It popular among best audio enhancer for windows 10 and users for fulfilling several individuals for various requirements. Users can perform Audio enhancement by removing the noise associated with the audio. With the help of the Noise Reduction option under the Effects bar, you can have Then the software lets you specify the amount of noise reduction in sensitivity, dB, and frequency smoothing.

Hence you can remove the noise to enhance the sound quality.Voice Maker is the best functionality for users of the Voicemod PRO app that allows you to improve digital audio for singing, for recording or for online streaming. Improve the sound of your microphone, eliminating background sounds on your laptop PC, improving the quality of a call or voice chat in online games.

What is voice enhancer? Voice Maker is the best one. For Feedback and Support: Contact us here. Contact with Sales. Voicemod is an app for PC that in addition to having an extensive collection of voices ready for online games, also has a feature called Voice Maker and that works perfectly as Voice Enhancer for karaoke singing, speaking, recording or video streaming.

It is a feature that allows you to adjust the volume of the mic in real time and manually, a noise gate to avoid background noises and a collection of audio effects that give the voice a touch of reverb, delay, filters and even allows you to adjust the pitch.

You will no longer need pills to improve your voice, you only need Voicemod Pro to improve the quality of your voice in real time and with the effects you choose. If what you want is an app that improves the sound quality of your voice, choose the Voicemod software.

We have prepared some tutorials with the most common programs to help you to setup Voicemod. Troll like a PRO! Voice Enhancer Voice Maker is the best functionality for users of the Voicemod PRO app that allows you to improve digital audio for singing, for recording or for online streaming.

How to enhance voice? In the lower left part of the Voice Enhancer you will find a menu from which to adjust the volume and the noise gate, in this way you will avoid background noises in your voice. Once these parameters are adjusted it is time to select the audio effects to enhance the voice for singing, ina recording or in a streaming video. Once you have everything configured you can save your voice with better quality for recordings.

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microphone enhancer software

More info.From the creator of Volume Logic, presenting a new, broadcast quality system to enhance the sound quality of all PC audio and revolutionize your listening experience. Now, no matter which media player you prefer, all your music, movies, and sound will be presented to you with the highest level of quality, consistency, and depth.

Multi-band audio processing will bring out the punch and balance in all of your audio, while detailed and authentic metering let you see it in action. Never again will you have to reach for your volume control to crank up that tune that's just too quiet, or turn down that hot track that pumps a little too hard- just sit back and enjoy the sonic bliss.

Other features include a fully sizable, and dockable interface, Windows Explorer extension, and setup wizards to squeeze the top performance from your system. This is the first time I have ever installed a program which caused my computer to crash even before I had tried it.

PC crashed before the program was even opened - got a blue screen telling me it was sending errors to Microsoft then it would restart it didn't - I had to manually restart it. As soon as I could, I uninstalled this program.

I don't know if there are any. It crashed my computer both times I tried to install it. I hope to hell the uninstall worked. Installed and worked, I could definitely tell the difference but, it was geared towards the lower frequencies of sound where I was looking for something more well rounded. Extremely clear hard pounding bass, if you have cheap speakers or headphones be careful.

None really, uninstall tripped Norton security so I turned it off to uninstall. Great product if it's what you want. It simply isn't what I was looking for but well worth trying! For me i installed it and tried the trial and everything worked great, except i noticed even while my PC idles it puts alot of extra load on my CPU raising my liquid cooled 8 core FX to run a whole 10 degrees hotter.

As a power user,gaming and multi tasker it's just to much of a cpu hog for me. It gives great sound, however you may not find it to your expectations if your an audiophile. So I figured I'd let everyone know what I did, I decided to keep looking for equalizers and try to get a couple that mixed well together.

They definitely work together like nothing else. I haven't found a pair of headphones or speakers that these two products can't make sound like the best headphones or speakers in the world. You'll have to sit down, try different mixes and mess with the settings etc for awhile.


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